Check out these hypHERlinks for more content on feminism outside our blog!

  • A few months ago, I watched an inspiring feminist documentary. The Women’s List, a 90-minute documentary highlighting the lives of 15 women from different walks of life (ranging from Gloria Allred and Madeleine Albright to Shonda Rhimes and  Margaret Cho), kept showing up on my Netflix home page and I when finally pressed play, I was not disappointed! In fact, listening to those women speak about their lives, careers, struggles, and triumphs partly inspired the beginnings of this blog! Check out the trailer below, then get ready for an inspirational 90 minutes with these amazing women!


  • Speaking of amazing women, my colleague Seema and I were discussing failure the other day. Specifically, how the word failure has an extremely negative connotation – no one wants to fail, no one wants to be seen as a failure, and in fact, as you all know, I have many a time talked myself out of doing something because of even the smallest possibility of failure. So you can imagine how refreshing it was to hear a different side of the “failure story” from Sara Blakely (who is also featured in the Women’s List!). It serves as a great reminder that our experiences, good or bad, contribute to our growth as individuals.


  • I stumbled across this thoughtful read via my friend, Wendy, on Facebook a few days ago. The title spoke to me, and as I read through Bo Ren’s journey as a female minority Product Manager, I could not stop nodding my head in agreement. We have a long way to go as far as diversity in Tech, and Bo explains why here: Diversity is a broken product in tech. FIX IT.


Thoughts? Let me know what you think!

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