Check out these hypHERlinks for more content on feminism and diversity outside our blog!


  • My heart sang when I found this article on Project Include – a non-profit community focused on sharing experiences and data across tech companies in an effort to create and disseminate actionable solutions to the diversity problem we face. Read about their amazing mission here: About Project Include, then take a look at their recommendations – a great starting point for organizations and individuals ready to drive the change toward true diversity.


  • My friend, Wendy, once again shared another amazing, 100% recommended reading. Written by Jason Chen, a Product Manager at Etsy, An Open Letter to Managers of Women puts the reader in the shoes of women in the workplace, pulling from common experiences that have been shared with him over time. This is not the experience of all women, however it is still a valid experience that many women, myself included, can relate to.


  • A few months ago, Visual Capitalist posted an infographic, 33 Facts About Women in Technology, highlighting the accomplishments of some successful Women in Tech. What I found most interesting though, is the long way we still have to go to achieve parity in this industry and beyond. See more in the infographic below:
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist


  • Elle named its 2016 Women in Tech in this article featuring female founders and women in leadership roles from various companies ranging from Alfred to Slack. They share summaries on their journeys, challenges, and learnings so far as they continue to break barriers in the tech world.


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